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A Making Break

When I returned from India, I had a slew of scarves, snacks, statues and surprises to share with my friends and family back home. Even though I was dead tired, I was excited to be back and share little bits of joy from India.

I’m not normally a big crafts person. I do knit in my free time (that theoretical free time I’ll maybe have when I graduate); but, I don’t scrapbook, paint, or draw.

So, it surprised me a little when I turned a small card into a project for myself after getting back. I had a vision in my mind of a hand-drawn gift label that explained the snacks I was putting into little gift bags for my family.


I’m pleasantly surprised how it turned out. The only thing that I wish I had was a lightbox to trace my stencil – in jugaad form, I used the sunlight from my living room window instead.