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Design Research


Self-tracking Beyond the Numbers

With knowledge, comes power. In an age of sensors, smartphones and big data, it’s possible for people to gain more knowledge about themselves than ever before to improve their lives. However, the growing self-tracking industry has no clear industry winners yet; the devices that will come out on top are the ones that best meet the needs of real people.…


The Strategy Behind Food Processors

In just under 2 months, I assembled the attached strategic portfolio plan for a industry leader in housewares for a hypothetical class project. In the report, I incorporated multiple diagramming techniques and frameworks to communicate trends and document the business as it exists now in order to my support strategic recommendations.…


Sustainability Is Good Business

For the final assignment in my Understanding Context class, Matt Mayfield and Stan Ruecker challenged us to understand the key context surrounding sustainability and deliver our point of view on the topic in a video format to an audience of our choosing.…


Revolution, Stark And Brutal: The Artistry Of William Addison Dwiggins Book

William Addison Dwiggins dabbled in everything from puppetry to advertising design and illustration. His varied skills served him well in book design, where he balanced illustrative elements with clean typography and generous white space.…


“REDESIGN: Debunking Design Education & Calling For Reform”

This paper argues for a radical departure from traditional graphic design teaching methods. Following the structure of a academic paper, the paper first reviews prior literature on arts education pedagogy and defines the true differences between art and design.…