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VW Sie: When Self-Driving Cars Become Pervasive

Larry Keeley of Doblin/Deloitte posed the following challenge to us: “Create a platform level innovation in how automobiles are integrated into modern transportation systems when self-driving vehicles would be safe, legal, and affordable.” In 7 weeks, my team developed a shared vehicle platform that would offer highly-customized, personalized experiences (with a solid business plan to boot).…

Finding A Primary Care Physician

Finding A Primary Care Physician

Our team, based on our own experiences, found the process of finding a medical provider challenging and we couldn’t reason why it was so difficult. Over 16 weeks, my team explored the complex issues impacting the journey to finding a doctor.…


Standup Comedians: “It’s an obsession.”

A comedian’s life doesn’t sound very fun to me. They stand on a stage in blinding lights trying to make stranger laugh. They risk being stared at blankly or, worse, heckled by an audience member.…