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Project Category

Visual Design


Mom: Self-Actualized

Design Communication 2 provided me with an opportunity to apply my graphic design skills to the translation of my own insights. This was a new endeavor since up to this point in my professional career I had to visually translate other people’s content and ideas.…


Technology@CU Quarterly Magazine

Technology@CU is a quarterly supplement for credit union executives interested in branching, call center and remote services technology. I was tasked with redesigning and producing the young magazine; only four issues had been printed by that time.…

UMBC Review Closeup

UMBC Review: The Annual Undergraduate Research Journal

While completing two degrees, I designed the university’s undergraduate research journal under the guidance of my art director and mentor and in collaboration with two student editors and their mentor. I developed a muted design centered on sophisticated typography that encourages the reader to focus on the complex content inside.…


“The Moon Makes You Forget” Calendar

This calendar tells a short story from the compilation Women with Big Eyes by Angeles Mastretta. The story, adapted for a 12-month calendar format, is about the effects of a woman’s rendezvous with a man who suddenly disappears from her life.…


SparkAction Logo & Website

SparkAction.org, a collaborative online journalism and advocacy center managed by the Forum for Youth Investment, manages a library of over 10,000 articles, videos and action alerts for its’ industry peers and the concerned, general public.…