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My human-centered design project archive


“Designing Policy” Workshop Materials

In October 2012, I was approached by ID professor Anijo Mathew regarding a series of workshops funded by the Urban Communications Foundation to engage local policymakers in participatory design methods. I was excited by the opportunity and, despite my concerns about working during school, I stepped forward to help out.…


The Strategy Behind Food Processors

In just under 2 months, I assembled the attached strategic portfolio plan for a industry leader in housewares for a hypothetical class project. In the report, I incorporated multiple diagramming techniques and frameworks to communicate trends and document the business as it exists now in order to my support strategic recommendations.…


Sustainability Is Good Business

For the final assignment in my Understanding Context class, Matt Mayfield and Stan Ruecker challenged us to understand the key context surrounding sustainability and deliver our point of view on the topic in a video format to an audience of our choosing.…


Standup Comedians: “It’s an obsession.”

A comedian’s life doesn’t sound very fun to me. They stand on a stage in blinding lights trying to make stranger laugh. They risk being stared at blankly or, worse, heckled by an audience member.…


Mom: Self-Actualized

Design Communication 2 provided me with an opportunity to apply my graphic design skills to the translation of my own insights. This was a new endeavor since up to this point in my professional career I had to visually translate other people’s content and ideas.…


Technology@CU Quarterly Magazine

Technology@CU is a quarterly supplement for credit union executives interested in branching, call center and remote services technology. I was tasked with redesigning and producing the young magazine; only four issues had been printed by that time.…

UMBC Review Closeup

UMBC Review: The Annual Undergraduate Research Journal

While completing two degrees, I designed the university’s undergraduate research journal under the guidance of my art director and mentor and in collaboration with two student editors and their mentor. I developed a muted design centered on sophisticated typography that encourages the reader to focus on the complex content inside.…