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My human-centered design project archive


Revolution, Stark And Brutal: The Artistry Of William Addison Dwiggins Book

William Addison Dwiggins dabbled in everything from puppetry to advertising design and illustration. His varied skills served him well in book design, where he balanced illustrative elements with clean typography and generous white space.…


“REDESIGN: Debunking Design Education & Calling For Reform”

This paper argues for a radical departure from traditional graphic design teaching methods. Following the structure of a academic paper, the paper first reviews prior literature on arts education pedagogy and defines the true differences between art and design.…


“The Moon Makes You Forget” Calendar

This calendar tells a short story from the compilation Women with Big Eyes by Angeles Mastretta. The story, adapted for a 12-month calendar format, is about the effects of a woman’s rendezvous with a man who suddenly disappears from her life.…


SparkAction Logo & Website

SparkAction.org, a collaborative online journalism and advocacy center managed by the Forum for Youth Investment, manages a library of over 10,000 articles, videos and action alerts for its’ industry peers and the concerned, general public.…