SparkAction Logo & Website, a collaborative online journalism and advocacy center managed by the Forum for Youth Investment, manages a library of over 10,000 articles, videos and action alerts for its’ industry peers and the concerned, general public. As a part of a strategic planning process, I developed the logo, branding and website to reflect a merger of multiple child and youth advocacy organizations under a single media banner.


The site’s logo colors and iconic spark convey youthfulness and energy. The strong san serif creates a launching pad for the spark and handwritten typeface; this combination of type styles unites their focus on children and youth with the impact and importance of action.

The Drupal 6 site, completed in June 2010, maintains order and enhances readability with a restrained, two-column layout and generously-spaced typography. The energetic colors, humanistic typefaces and inspirational imagery provided visual interest and further enforce SparkAction’s inspirational brand. In addition to creating the sit’s visual design, I also developed and customized the page template system in PHP and jQuery interactive elements.