Sustainability Is Good Business

For the final assignment in my Understanding Context class, Matt Mayfield and Stan Ruecker challenged us to understand the key context surrounding sustainability and deliver our point of view on the topic in a video format to an audience of our choosing. Using a process typical to the class, I first developed a written paper to synthesize my research and then adapted that paper for a shortened, visual video presentation.

So, What’s Going On Here?

Through my research, I discovered that sustainability was both a hot-button issue that everyone was talking about but which few people had deep understanding on. The prevailing view was that businesses had the most power in implementing and enforcing sustainable efforts with respect to environmental and economic growth. But, businesses seemed to pigeonhole the topic as a marketing concept which, by their measures, only mildly resonated with consumers.

I set out to present sustainability’s business case in a simple and enjoyable way because I believe sustainable business practices are common sense, so I wanted my presentation to reflect that simplicity and logic flow.

The Video

As a graphic designer with a book design specialization, I’m not exactly comfortable working with, or creating, moving images. so, I started by seeking out some inspiration to get me jazzed about the project.

Symmetry by Everynone Screenshot      Making Every Difference Screenshot

I decided on a hand-drawn style of multiple scenes that would be fairly easy to implement with planning and suggested child-like simplicity. I was able to hone the imagery and the voiceover before building my assets by drawing out storyboards and testing my video length through the natural speed of my voiceover. I breathed and slept with those storyboards and production guides as I developed asset libraries and my personal project to-do lists.

After developing (and editing) storyboards and a script, I was able to begin the manufacturing process of producing the hand-drawn images, recording the final voiceover and filming the animation snippets, which required a somewhat complicated setup in my second bedroom and an extra set of hands.

In 7 days, I wrote the script, created all of the assets, recorded the video and stitched the clips together in the video below. I’m proud of my first video attempt and impressed by my ability to develop such an production-heavy video in such a short amount of time.

Video hosting compliments of the IIT Institute of Design on Vimeo.