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Let’s make the human-centered services of the future together
with the power of stories and partnerships.

Recent Blog Posts

Golden Gate Bridge

Design in SF: A Language Primer

In the design world, common terms have notoriously different meanings depending on who you talk to. In San Francisco, I've learned that the (new) design dialect here is worth documenting.

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2014-01-19 15.52.31

A Making Break

Sometimes, you just get the crafty bug. And you like what you make out of it.

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Recent Projects

Solution share-out at the brainstorming retreat in Englewood.

Co-creating A Local Public Space

Using a true codesign approach, our team was charged with identifying community needs and opportunities with regards to public spaces in Englewood.

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Dispelling The Myths Of Public Housing

My team and I developed a service, through iterative and rapid prototyping, that could unite diverse museum audiences in artistic and inspired co-creation.

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